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June 15, 2010

Today I finally woke up to a perfectly blue sky, just in time to take a windsurfing lesson at Wind’s Up to write about for the paper. This was my second time taking a lesson at this place, but the first one was probably ten years ago… a little rusty. Although I was a little intimidated and wary of getting in the 60 degree Lagoon Pond, I impressed myself.

The lesson started off on dry land on a simulator where my instructor, who just graduated from Boston College but is pretending he didn’t by spending the summer on an island (sound familiar?), was really thorough teaching me where to place my feet for proper balance and how to hold the boom, or the metal thingy you hold onto that’s attached to the sail. I learned how to turn and change direction while paying attention to the direction of the wind. Before taking it into the water, I was loaned this really, really attractive wetsuit:

I look good.

I must have absorbed the lesson, because I was able to navigate myself around the Lagoon fairly well without falling in or knocking myself out with a sail. I couldn’t turn very well and I wasn’t allowing myself to move very fast, but it was a satisfying crawl across the Lagoon clutching onto a sail. Not falling in was due in part to me being a complete wimp who hates being cold. I should have kept this to myself though, because my instructor refused to let me leave the lesson dry and knocked me in at the very end.


After windsurfing and before spending the rest of the beautiful day at the beach I decided I should probably go have someone take a look at my bike. The back tire wouldn’t move since the first time I took it out a couple days after getting here. It was a really big mystery. According to the guy at the bike shop, I had narrowly avoided death by riding the bike in the first place, as the reason I was having an issue was because the tire was on the verge of falling off. Not sure if I believe him that I would have died if the tire fell off, but I am glad I avoided some serious road burn.

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  1. Marissaaaaa permalink
    June 20, 2010 1:18 am

    You definitely look very hot in your suit lol. Maybe we can do more exciting things when I visit what what! Love that he pushed u in haha wish I saw that 😀

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