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Bahama Mamas

July 29, 2010

My life is really hard. I spent last week hopping from one paradise island to THE Paradise Island in the Bahamas. I’ll call it my vacation from vacation. What I took away from the trip: If you were able to move the crystal blue and very warm ocean from the Bahamas to surround Martha’s Vineyard, you would have created a place as holy as Mecca.

Here’s a rundown of my vacation:

Brittany and Chelsey Corsetti are twin sisters from Connecticut who are whisked away to Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas by their parents for winter break. Initially, the sisters are disappointed that they didn’t get to go to Hawaii with their friends, but overcome it by enjoying their newly-earned freedom in the form of their own suite, as well as the pristine beaches of the Caribbean. Brittany falls for “hottie” Jordan, a worker at the resort. She’s not the only one with her eye on Jordan – the spoiled heiress Meredith Gebel is also after him, and plays dirty to get her way. The other Chelsea, meanwhile, is being wooed by cute, but brainless, Scott, who in turn is being coached behind the scenes by Griffen, a childhood friend of Meredith’s with a not-so-subtle crush, to talk to Chelsea and eventually get her under his thumb. The sisters’ holiday of fun in the sun is interrupted when they cross paths with a man smuggling stolen artifacts. Though their parents are keeping a close eye on them, the sisters and Griffen must find a way to clear Jordan’s name when their friend is wrongfully arrested for the crime. Together, they overcome everything and understand the true meaning of sisterhood, along with having a great vacation.

If you believed that story then I feel really bad for you for you in general, but especially for not spending your preteen years as an avid Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen marathon watcher. So what if I stole that description directly from the “Holiday in the Sun” Wikipedia page and inserted my friends’ names? So. What.

In summary, here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip, none of which I deserve credit for.

This is Meredith's new boyfriend. Their love affair began by her shouting "G-Unit" across Senor Frogs at him. He asked if he should get naked, she politely said that probably wasn't a good idea. He told Mere black men love meat and she is the finest cut. This is how her whirlwind Bahamian romance began, with a man who several ridiculous conversations later we named Randell Bambo, a play on black Rambo, or something of that nature.

Here is Mr. Bambo sneak attacking Brittany/cheating on Mere. Britt is flabbergasted.

CHELSEA LIKE DIPPY EGGS! These were a variation from the chocolate-covered gummy bears Chelsea purchased on her insisted-upon daily trips to "Oh Sugar." Looks like an appetizing deviation from the norm...

I only have two things to say about this photo. One, why would someone go to a hotel with a jacuzzi and NOT fill it with Herbal Essences shampoo bubbles? And two, said bubbles make excellent afros/beards.

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