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Obama Mania

August 20, 2010

The first family arrived on Martha’s Vineyard for their 10-day vacation yesterday, and businesses are really sucking up. Here’s a countdown of the shenanigans I’ve seen thus far in Oak Bluffs:

5. C’est la Vie- Decent, a little effort, but I doubt many people will purchase it.

4. Mad Martha’s Ice Cream- Minus five for not realizing you could just spell his name normally and it would still say “rock” and for copying your neighbor across the street (see #3).3. Carousel Ice Cream- Sounds delicious!2. C’est La Vie (again)- This t-shirt shop features quite a few Obama shirts. I personally love this one fashioned after the famous Black Dog brand shirts.

1. Sharky’s Cantina- This pairing sounds fantastic and you have to love the effort of such a finely crafted sign.

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